These Terms of Use stipulate the terms and conditions for members' use of places and equipment for playing ESPORTS provided by "Goon Gaming Esports" (hereinafter referred to as "Goon"), events planned and held, and related services. It will be:

(Scope of Terms)

  1. This agreement applies to all members who use Goon facilities and services.
  2. Members are deemed to have agreed to these Terms when they registered as a member of Goon.
  3. Members must adhere to these Terms in good faith.

(Goon Gaming Esports)

Goon provides its members with a place to play Esports, with equipment, planning and competition services.


A Member is a customer who has accepted this Agreement and has filled out the "Application Form for Enrollment" or the Internet Application Form, has completed the application, and has been approved by Goon.

(Change of member information)

If the information in the application form at the time of enrollment is changed by the Member, the Member must apply for a change in their membership information in writing.

(Cancelling after applying for membership)

  1. The applicant may withdraw and cancel the application within eight days, including the date of delivery of this Agreement. The same applies to applications on the Internet.
  2. Cancellation of the contract will be established when the applicant sends a letter stating that the application will be withdrawn, to the Goon shop (determined by the post office postmark date, or the date of submission of the document directly at the Goon shop).
  3. No fee is required for withdrawing the application, and the applicant will not be charged.
  4. Payment for the use of the Goon facility performed before the application for cancellation of the contract is issued, must be paid to Goon.


  1. If the member wishes to leave, please apply to Goon by the last day of the month before the month in which the member wishes to leave. The membership fee paid shall be used for the membership fee of the member after the break or any current facility usage fees owing.
  2. The dues for the current month, for which a cancellation was applied in the current month, are non-refundable.


  1. If you wish to withdraw, you must apply to Goon by the last day of the month before the month of withdrawal (for example, by March 31st if you withdraw from April). In addition, the dues that have been withdrawn (eg, in this case, the withdrawal in March) will be refunded.
  2. There is no refund for the membership fees for the same month in which you applied for withdrawal.

(Use of service)

  1. Members can use designated Goon facility equipment.
  2. One-month free usage time is determined by the membership type, and the usage fee for the excess time shall be settled on the day in cash.
  3. Bronze level and above Members can join Goon-provided and introduced clubs, enter leagues and tournaments. All members may purchase goods and use designated equipment.
  4. New services to be provided in the future will be posted on the homepage, and which Members have the right to use them.

(Transfer of membership fee)

If you have not used the service for one month:

  1. Dues cannot be refunded for the next month. (However, this does not include instances where prior notice of cancellation is given)
  2. If a notice of suspension is issued, the dues transferred (withdrawn) in the current month or the following month will be transferred to the dues in the month in which the use is resumed after the suspension of use.

(If the membership fee cannot be transferred)

In the following cases, it is not possible to transfer the membership fee even during the transfer validity period:

  1. A Member cancels their service.
  2. When the max number of Memberships has been reached. (It is still possible to change the Membership type, however.)

(Membership fees)

  1. Goon dues will be paid by automatic debit and paid the previous month.
  2. The debit transfer date will be the designated date of the affiliated dues settlement company.

(Compliance items)

Members must comply with the following items regarding the use of this facility:

  1. Observe the rules for using equipment in Goon stores.
  2. Do not disturb other members of the facility with rude, toxic or obnoxious behavior.
  3. Members are responsible for parking their own vehicle and the costs associated.
  4. Members must manage personal belongings and valuables by themselves.

(Prohibited acts)

Members should not do any of the following:

  1. Provide false information in the membership application.
  2. Act in a way that inconveniences other members or clerks.
  3. Act in a manner that disrupts harmony with other members.
  4. Deliberately damage or steal equipment or supplies in Goon.
  5. Intentionally or ignorantly violate the law.
  6. Do anything that interferes with the operation of Goon.
  7. Violate public order and morals or to act against others.
  8. Any other action that Goon deems inappropriate.

(Cancellation of membership)

Goon may cancel Membership Services without the Member's consent if the Member falls under any of the following:

  1. If you violate these Terms.
  2. When Goon is obstructed.
  3. When clerks or other members make complaints frequently.
  4. When the Service is used improperly.
  5. In addition, when Goon judges that something is inappropriate.

(Compensation for damages)

If a member violates these Terms or commits any other unlawful or illegal act, in the event of damages to Goon, Goon can and will charge the Member for compensation for a fair and equal amount of the value of the damages.


  1. Goon shall not be liable for any damages arising out of the use of the Service or the inability to use the Service, except for reasons attributable to the facility.
  2. Except for reasons attributable to Goon, Goon will not be responsible for accidents and injuries.
  3. Goon shall not be liable for any accidents or injuries caused by members parking bicycles or cars in parking lots, except for reasons attributable to Goon.

Established on February 1, 2020