Bronze to Titanium Memberships

This chart below shows a comparison of all the NEW membership options. We've reduced the monthly fees and reduced the free hours accordingly. We've also decided to remove the tax! This means that it is easier and much more affordable for players to get at least a Bronze membership. We've also decided to give completely free headset use and controller use to ALL members from Bronze to Titanium! Check out the chart below for details or get more information on the member's page here.

Type Hourly Rate Reg. Fee Monthly Fee Free Hours Free Leagues Additional League Fees Events Headset Rental Controller Rental Max Available

BASIC ¥330 ¥550 ¥0 0 0 ¥1,000 SOME ¥20 ¥30 Unlimited
BRONZE ¥275 ¥400 ¥2,200 8 1 ¥500 ALL ¥0 ¥0 1000
SILVER ¥250 ¥300 ¥4,000 16 2 ¥400 ALL ¥0 ¥0 300
GOLD ¥225 FREE ¥7,200 32 3 ¥300 ALL ¥0 ¥0 100
PLATINUM ¥200 FREE ¥12,800 64 4 ¥0 ALL ¥0 ¥0 30

Basic Members

Coming this month there will be new hourly packages available to Basic Members! These packages are for Basic Members only but that is because Bronze to Titanium members already enjoy excellent hourly rates. Check out the chart below for details or get more information on the member's page here.

Package Price (Tax Included) Cost Per Hour Controller Headset

5 hours ¥1,500 ¥300 ¥30 ¥20
10 hours ¥2,800 ¥280 ¥30 ¥20
15 hours ¥4,000 ¥267 ¥30 ¥20
20 hours ¥5,000 ¥250 ¥30 ¥20

Sofa Party Room

Here we have new options for renting the sofa party room. We've dropped the initial 1 hour price to ¥1,500 yen per hour and it gets cheaper the longer you rent! The price is double if you rent both party rooms. It might seem like a lot of money, but keep in mind you'll be splitting that amount between your friends! You can get more details about the party room here on the parties page.

Package Price (Tax Included)

1 hour ¥1,500
2 hours ¥2,700
3 hours ¥3,600
4 hours+ ¥4,200 + ¥1,000 per additional hour

Teams and Clubs

Lastly, we have 2 new special offers for those of you who bring your team or club to Goon Gaming Esports! You can save up to 15% off your play-time if you bring your team, and up to 25% off your play-time if you bring a club! There are certain requirements you must meet however to get these special deals. Check out the details here on the pricing page

And That's It For Now!

Those are the big changes coming soon.

On a side note: We're hoping to gain lots of new members and then we'll be able to finally start having our own events, leagues and tournaments, so please tell your friends about us. We're a small business owned by an individual owner, so we rely fully on our customers to survive.

Unfortunately, we know we've been talking about hosting special events and tournements for a long time but we still haven't gotten enough members to do that. We need a decent sized member base in order to have enough players from a specific game to actually have events but we think we are getting close.

If we do host an event, we hope you'll come show your support by joining even if it's a game you're not very good at or very interested in. We know it's a tough time right now, but we need all the support we can get to keep this place going. Having an esports center in your area is a great thing and we hope everyone recognizes the potential of a place like ours.

We also want to take a moment to thank all of the members who have supported us by coming to our shop so far. We greatly appreciate your business and we'll do our best to meet your expectations! We want to thank you in advance for your continued patronage!

- Goon Gaming EsportsのMichael Gibsonオーナー


Starting on September 1st, we're introducing a new policy. If no customers arrive before 9:00pm, we will close early. So far, customers rarely come after 9:00. If someone does come before 9:00, we will stay open till our regular closing time. Our regular closing time is 11:00pm on Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, and Sun, and 12:00am on Sat. If you're planning to come after 9:00pm, please call ahead to let us know and we can stay open.

- Goon Gaming EsportsのMichael Gibsonオーナー


We did an interview about Goon Gaming Esports with Yokohama FM. We'd just like to thank them for doing this and helping us to get the message out there about our shop. It really means a lot to us and we hope people who hear the broadcast will come visit us!

Thank you!


Also, some more news! Staring July 1st, 2020, Goon Gaming Esports will be extending its hours of operation now that things seem a little safer to do so. Our new schedule can be seen in the following image, but you can also find it in the contact us section, and about section of the webpage.


- Goon Gaming EsportsのMichael Gibsonオーナー


We are currently giving 50% off on all play-time for the month of June to help encourage people to come try out our esports center. Bring your friends and let's play some games!

- Goon Gaming EsportsのMichael Gibsonオーナー


The government has ended its shutdown of entertainment businesses, but they are still advising caution. Goon Gaming Esports will open its doors on June 3rd, 2020. We still have some things we need to prepare and cleaning to do before we can open. We also need to update the software and games on all of the systems because they have been shut down for quite some time and many updates have come out which we've been working on since the government announcement on May 26th.


Please be aware that the virus is still a potential danger and so we all need to be cautious. We ask that if you attend Goon Gaming Esports, you wear a mask, and wash your hands with alcohol. We will provide alcohol wash stations. We also ask that if possible, all players bring their own equipment, such as mice, keyboards, headsets, controllers, and cables. This will help in preventing the spread of any diseases. Our staff will be doing their best to clean equipment with alcohol, but we want to reduce risk as much as possible. We also advise that people do not sit next to other players and space people out as much as possible which we will be trying our best to do as well.

Michael Gibson
Owner of Goon Gaming Esports


Well, it is as we feared and a lot of people probably saw this coming. The government has indicated that they want to extend the closure of all non-essential businesses till May 31st, 2020 and possibly even further than that or possibly less than that. So until further notice, GOON GAMING ESPORTS will continue being closed. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy. We will open as soon as the government gives everyone the ok to do so.

Michael Gibson
Owner of Goon Gaming Esports


The government seems to be indicating that they want to extend the closure of all non-essential businesses till May 6th, 2020 and possibly even further than that. So until further notice, GOON GAMING ESPORTS will be closed. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy. We will open as soon as the government gives everyone the ok to do so.

- Michael Gibson Owner of Goon Gaming Esports


The government of Japan is asking that all businesses close their doors for the next 2 weeks, so we will comply. Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to playing with us. We are doing our best to work around the current situation, but health and safety are a priority. Please stay healthy and stay safe! If the government requests, we may be closed longer than 2 weeks but at the moment, we are planning to re-open on April 24th, 2020.

- Michael Gibson Owner of Goon Gaming Esports


Due to the current situation and atmosphere surrounding the coronavirus, it is impossible for us at this time to plan any events or hold to our current schedule. We have been unable to get our high speed internet installed which has caused serious delays in getting our systems ready, as most games are installed through download. People are mostly staying in and not going to social gatherings at this time to prevent the spread of the virus. The government is also advising all people to stay home and only go out if ncessary.

We are currently open for business, but tournaments, leagues, and clubs will all be postponed until further notice. We will also be closing 2 days a week and shortening our hours. We will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays until further notice and our hours will only be from 2:00pm to 9:00pm on the days we are open. The website will be updated to reflect these changes as soon as possible. People are welcome to come and use our facilities from Wednesday to Sunday from 2:00pm to 9:00pm but of course, we ask people to use caution. If you are experiencing any symptoms of the virus, please do as the government advises, and self-quarantine. We hope everyone will be able to get through this difficult time and we wish you all good health. Let's all look out for one another, and take care of one another.

- Michael Gibson Owner of Goon Gaming Esports

04.04.2020 - OPENING DAY

Our opening day wasn't quite what we had in mind but we had a few guests and people got to try out our systems and had quite a lot of fun playing some Minecraft and Rocket league. We had a couple of first timers here too, but I feel more than ever that this place is really going to work. It's really going to be exciting once we can get a full room and a real event going! Looking forward to it! Here are a few pictures we took.

image1 image2 image3
image4 image5 image6

03.26.2020 - QR CODE

Our apologies to anyone who tried to use our QR code on our store front. The account had expired but we hadn't received any notification! The QR code on our store front should now be working! Again, we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience!


We'd just like to let everyone know, that even though we are closed until April 4th, people are still welcome to come and register for upcoming Rocket League Tournament that will be on our opening day! We need 48 registrations to make this event really happen so ask your friends. You don't have to be good at the game, its an open tournament, all levels of ability are welcome to join and have fun!

03.16.2020 - UNFORTUNATELY....

In order to avoid the spread of the virus and due to difficulties in getting our high speed Internet, Goon Gaming Esports will be open only to members who have already applied, in cooperation with national requests. In addition, those who wish to join are welcome to visit and join at the beginning of April. The virus has had a great impact on businesses around the world. We hope that after this difficult time passes, we can finally get the fun going at Goon Gaming. We're all going to need it after all of this stress and worry.

We've been fortunate that Japan has had no major infection. We look forward to seeing new members in April and having a great time playing our favorite games together!


We've got some bad news folks. The Internet company that was supposed to install our internet on the 15th of February were unable to do it, and have since told us that they won't be able to install it until March 4th. We will be unable to install it in time for the opening, so unfortunately. On top of that, we now have this Corona Virus issue in Japan, where the government is now closing down schools. This kind of business is relatively new, so it is very hard to predict and plan how things are going to go but viruses and delays in getting our Internet installed were certainly not in our plans. There have been many pitfalls, government red tape, and technical issues to deal with all of which have contributed to delaying our work.

We apologize, but this also means our opening tournament will have to be postponed. We are looking at April 4th, 2020 as the new date for the tournament. We'll keep you posted here as to if there will be any changes to the event. We are right now hoping to open on March 14th, 2020 because we should have our Internet by then unless there are more problems getting it installed. Even with the Internet however, we still have the Corona virus to deal with, and since the government is closing schools for 2 weeks, we thought we should delay our opening for 2 weeks as well.

If there will be more delays, we will post that information here. We are really looking forward to opening and having gamers come here to have a great time. Thank you to all of you who have been waiting patiently. I assure you, we are working as quickly and as hard as we can on this. I work 16 hours a day on this business, and I haven't taken a day off in over 2 months. It is my number one priority right now.

02.19.2020 - PRETTY LIGHTS!

We got our front signage installed today! Looks great! Can't wait to see what it looks like when it gets really dark outside.


01.15.2020 - WEBSITE DONE!

The entire website is complete. We now offer two languages, English and Japanese! The renovation is still underway, and everything is coming together. We are really excited about our opening day tournament, for which we will be offering some really nice prizes, so don't miss out on that! It's going to be a lot of fun! Hope to see you there!


We've finished the games page of our website. If you're interested in seeing the titles that we are going to be installing on our systems, please check it out. There are links to videos and embedded videos so you can quickly and easily decide what you'd like to play!


We just want to apologize to anyone who was watching our home page and expecting us to open on the 1st of February. That was the plan, but unfortunately, due to issues with planning and renovation, our opening has been delayed. We are now looking at March 1st, 2020 as the opening day. Again, we apologize, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

12.12.2019 - LEAGUES

The Leagues page is now up, and completed! All of the information regarding our leagues is there. We hope all of you gamers out there will consider joining a league. We are confident that it will be a lot of fun. Win or lose, you won't regret joining. We hope to forge a great community of gamers through league play! Don't miss your chance to join a league. Available spots are limited! Click here for League Information.


The Memberships page and Clubs pages are almost done. Please feel free to check them out and see some of our pricing information. This information may be subject to change in the future however or there may be some details that haven't been added yet. Site is still under construction!

11.15.2019 - RENOVATION

Planning for the renovation is underway. The floor plan looks good. We'll have:

11.23.2019 - WELCOME!

Welcome to Goon Gaming Esports. We will be open for business on March 1st, 2020. Your party is here!