Do you want to compete in games and win some prizes? Goon Gaming Esports is now starting a new nightly event in which people can join and compete in very fun games against other players, for prizes! The details can be found below and on the tournaments page here. We're expecting very exciting times, and a great chance to meet some other gamers. The idea here is to just have a lot of fun, and experience the thrill of competition. If this event grows in popularity, so will the prizes!


Random games chosen every night! (Maximum 48 player entries)

  • Register an entire team, register with a friend or register alone
  • Minimum of a basic membership to register. See the membership page for details.
  • Registration is first come first serve.

10.20.2020 - SOFA PARTY ROOM 50% OFF!

Till January 31st, 2021, the sofa party room will be 50% off! This means you and a group of friends can rent the room and have access to all of the cool games within, starting at ¥750 per hour! Click here for more details

Package Price (Tax Included)

1 hour ¥750 (reg. ¥1,500)
2 hours ¥1,350 (reg. ¥2,700)
3 hours ¥1,800 (reg. ¥3,600)
4 hours+ ¥2,100 + ¥500 per additional hour
(reg. ¥4,200 + ¥1,000 per additional hour)

- Goon Gaming EsportsのMichael Gibsonオーナー



Bronze to Titanium Memberships

This chart below shows a comparison of all the NEW membership options. We've reduced the monthly fees and reduced the free hours accordingly. We've also decided to remove the tax! This means that it is easier and much more affordable for players to get at least a Bronze membership. We've also decided to give completely free headset use and controller use to ALL members from Bronze to Titanium! Check out the chart below for details or get more information on the member's page here.

Type Hourly Rate Reg. Fee Monthly Fee Free Hours Free Leagues Additional League Fees Events Headset Rental Controller Rental Max Available

BASIC ¥330 ¥550 ¥0 0 0 ¥1,000 SOME ¥20 ¥30 Unlimited
BRONZE ¥275 ¥400 ¥2,200 8 1 ¥500 ALL ¥0 ¥0 1000
SILVER ¥250 ¥300 ¥4,000 16 2 ¥400 ALL ¥0 ¥0 300
GOLD ¥225 FREE ¥7,200 32 3 ¥300 ALL ¥0 ¥0 100
PLATINUM ¥200 FREE ¥12,800 64 4 ¥0 ALL ¥0 ¥0 30

Basic Members

Coming this month there will be new hourly packages available to Basic Members! These packages are for Basic Members only but that is because Bronze to Titanium members already enjoy excellent hourly rates. Check out the chart below for details or get more information on the member's page here.

Package Price (Tax Included) Cost Per Hour Controller Headset

5 hours ¥1,500 ¥300 ¥30 ¥20
10 hours ¥2,800 ¥280 ¥30 ¥20
15 hours ¥4,000 ¥267 ¥30 ¥20
20 hours ¥5,000 ¥250 ¥30 ¥20

Sofa Party Room

Here we have new options for renting the sofa party room. We've dropped the initial 1 hour price to ¥1,500 yen per hour and it gets cheaper the longer you rent! The price is double if you rent both party rooms. It might seem like a lot of money, but keep in mind you'll be splitting that amount between your friends! You can get more details about the party room here on the parties page.

Package Price (Tax Included)

1 hour ¥1,500
2 hours ¥2,700
3 hours ¥3,600
4 hours+ ¥4,200 + ¥1,000 per additional hour

Teams and Clubs

Lastly, we have 2 new special offers for those of you who bring your team or club to Goon Gaming Esports! You can save up to 15% off your play-time if you bring your team, and up to 25% off your play-time if you bring a club! There are certain requirements you must meet however to get these special deals. Check out the details here on the pricing page

And That's It For Now!

Those are the big changes coming soon.

On a side note: We're hoping to gain lots of new members and then we'll be able to finally start having our own events, leagues and tournaments, so please tell your friends about us. We're a small business owned by an individual owner, so we rely fully on our customers to survive.

Unfortunately, we know we've been talking about hosting special events and tournements for a long time but we still haven't gotten enough members to do that. We need a decent sized member base in order to have enough players from a specific game to actually have events but we think we are getting close.

If we do host an event, we hope you'll come show your support by joining even if it's a game you're not very good at or very interested in. We know it's a tough time right now, but we need all the support we can get to keep this place going. Having an esports center in your area is a great thing and we hope everyone recognizes the potential of a place like ours.

We also want to take a moment to thank all of the members who have supported us by coming to our shop so far. We greatly appreciate your business and we'll do our best to meet your expectations! We want to thank you in advance for your continued patronage!

- Goon Gaming EsportsのMichael Gibsonオーナー


Starting on September 1st, we're introducing a new policy. If no customers arrive before 9:00pm, we will close early. So far, customers rarely come after 9:00. If someone does come before 9:00, we will stay open till our regular closing time. Our regular closing time is 11:00pm on Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, and Sun, and 12:00am on Sat. If you're planning to come after 9:00pm, please call ahead to let us know and we can stay open.

- Goon Gaming EsportsのMichael Gibsonオーナー

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