Sofa Party Room

"Have a blast gaming with your friends!"
Maximum: 16 people
Systems: Playstation 4 Pro, Nintendo Switch

With our Sofa Rooms, you can have a party or social gathering with up to 16 people! Playing video games with friends is incredibly fun and you don't need to be a serious gamer to enjoy the games and systems provided! Till further notice, the sofa party room will be 50% off the one hour rate! This means you and a group of friends can rent the room and have access to all of the cool games within, starting at ¥750 per hour! This price includes everything you need to play.

Package Price (Tax Included)

1 hour ¥750 (reg. ¥1,500)
2 hours ¥1,350 (reg. ¥2,700)
3 hours ¥1,800 (reg. ¥3,600)
4 hours+ ¥2,100 + ¥500 per additional hour
(reg. ¥4,200 + ¥1,000 per additional hour)

  • Sofa rooms are always available for reservation
  • One party participant must be registered as a Basic Member or higher. See Memberships page for details.
  • Member will be responsible for payment.
  • Each room has a large screen TV, and 2 different game systems
  • See the Games Page for the list of installed games
  • Coffee table and extra chairs are available if needed
  • People may bring drinks and food into the room
  • Vending machines for drinks are available

Private System Room Party

"Rent a room full of gaming systems so everyone can have their own!"
Maximum: 10 people
Systems: 10 Xbox One X systems

With our Private System Room, you can have a party or social gathering with up to 10 people! Everyone gets their own screen and system!

  • Regular Membership fees apply. See Memberships page for details.
  • Please check with staff about availability to make a reservation
  • All party participants must be registered as Basic Members or higher
  • The systems in the room are Xbox One X systems, with games pre-installed
  • All systems have Xbox Live accounts but you must have your own account to play
  • Food and drinks are allowed