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Basic Member Hourly Packages

We are happy to announce these exciting new packages for Basic members! Now Basic members have the ability to save big on play-time!

Package Price (Tax Included) Cost Per Hour Controller Headset

5 hours ¥1,500 ¥300 ¥30 ¥20
10 hours ¥2,800 ¥280 ¥30 ¥20
15 hours ¥4,000 ¥267 ¥30 ¥20
20 hours ¥5,000 ¥250 ¥30 ¥20

Party Room Packages

The party room is now cheaper than ever to rent! We are now offerring these special packages and reduced rates!
NOTE: The price per hour is for renting the room, not per person. So if one person rents the room, or 4 people rent the room, the price is still the same. We highly recommend at least groups of 3 in size. Prices are based on groups of 4. Prices are also based on 1 room. If you rent 2 rooms, the prices are simply double.

Package Price (Tax Included)

1 hour ¥1,500
2 hours ¥2,700
3 hours ¥3,600
4 hours+ ¥4,200 + ¥1,000 per additional hour

Membership Comparison Chart

This chart is a side by side comparison of all of our memberships. More membership details can be found here.


Hourly Rate

Reg. Fee Monthly Fee Free Hours Free Leagues Additional League Fees Events Headset Rental Controller Rental Max Available

BASIC ¥330 ¥550 ¥0 0 0 ¥1,000 SOME ¥20 ¥30 Unlimited
BRONZE ¥275 ¥400 ¥2,200 8 1 ¥500 ALL ¥0 ¥0 1000
SILVER ¥250 ¥300 ¥4,000 16 2 ¥400 ALL ¥0 ¥0 300
GOLD ¥225 FREE ¥7,200 32 3 ¥300 ALL ¥0 ¥0 100
PLATINUM ¥200 FREE ¥12,800 64 4 ¥200 ALL ¥0 ¥0 30

Special Deals!

We are also excited to announce these special deals available to all members!

Bring Your Team!

15% Discount
Your entire team could get a discount on all play-time!
  • Full team's that participate in promoting Goon Gaming Esports will receive a 15% discount on all play-time
  • Eligable team sizes are 3 members and up
  • Team size depends on game played
  • Examples of teams:
    • Apex Legends: 3 members
    • Fortnite: 4 members
    • CS:GO: 5 members
    • Valorant: 5 members
    • Rocket League: 3 members
    • Call of Duty: Warzone: 3 members
    • League of Legends: 5 members
    • Overwatch: 6 members
    • Dota 2: 5 members
    • PUBG: 4 members
  • To be eligable, your team must have the following:
    • A game you actively compete in
    • A team name
    • A team logo
    • Matching Team clothing with team logo present
    • A team website, Facebook page or Twitter feed

    • NOTE: If you need help creating a logo and clothes, Goon Gaming Esports can help provide these services! We can refer your requirements to the professional graphic designer who created the logo design for Goon Gaming Esports, as well as our front signage. His name is Graham Hodges, and you can check out more of his work here: Markit Signs.
  • Your team must participage in Goon Gaming Esports promotion to receive the discount - This means your team must post team meetings to either a Twitter feed, Facebook page, or website news to receive the discount and you must mention Goon Gaming Esports.
  • Bronze Members and above who are using their "free" time or Basic members using pre-paid time will receive a reduction from the time used - For example, if you play 1 hour, 20% of that time will be refunded to you. You will only be charged for 45 minutes instead of 1 full hour. We will discount by 15 minute increments.
  • This deal does not apply to Titanium members, as all play-time is already free for Titanium

Bring Your Club!

10% - 25% Discount
Organize a club meeting for savings!
  • Clubs that have at least 5 members present and participate in Goon Gaming Esports promotion will receive a discount!
  • Discount is calculated as follows:
    • 5 - 9 members: 10% Discount
    • 10 - 19 members: 15% Discount
    • 20 - 29 members: 20% Discount
    • 30+ members: 25% Discount
  • Your club must have an association with a business, school or other organization
  • Valid businesses, schools and organizations include but are not limited to:
    • Universities
    • High schools
    • Junior High schools
    • Elementary schools
    • School clubs
    • Sports clubs
    • Esports clubs
    • Government organizations
    • Corporations or companies
  • Your club must participate in Goon Gaming Esports Promotion to receive the discount
  • You must show your social media or website post to staff to receive the discount at checkout
  • Promotion can include posting meetings at Goon Gaming Esports to Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, or website news, or posting a Goon flyer or Goon poster at club's base location, which includes businesses, schools or other organizations.
  • This deal does not apply to Titanium members, as all play-time is already free for Titanium

Pricing and Package Guidelines

  • The Basic Member Hourly Packages are for Basic Members only because other membership types already have their own special discounts
  • Packages are non-refundable
  • If purchased, the play-time is saved on your account and carries over from one month to the next
  • Headset and controller rental fees apply as usual
  • You can purchase as many hourly packages as you want
  • You can only add one package to one membership card - Packages cannot be divided among multiple membership cards
  • The sofa room must be paid for by a single payer, but customers can divide up the cost among their own group - for example, if 4 people rent the room for one hour at ¥1,500, then one person (a Goon Gaming Esports member) pays the full amount, and the group each pays the member ¥375.
  • Team discounts, and club discounts are a special offer by Goon Gaming Esports in order to recognize customer loyalty and to establish a good relationship - please do not attempt to abuse this system
  • Is is left to the descretion of Goon Gaming Esports to decide if a group or team qualifies for these discounts

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