Goon Gaming Esports is hosting a Valorant Tournament!
(Maximum 18 teams of 10 - 90 players Total)

Entry Details

  • A Team leader must register with 5 members.
  • All participants must have a minimum of a basic membership at Goon Gaming Esports to participate. See the membership page for details.
  • Please arrive early if you need to register for a membership. We open at 12:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Registration for the tournament is on a "First to apply" basis. The first 18 teams to register will receive spots.
  • If you're looking for members to join your team, or you're interested in joining a team, please come to Goon Gaming Esports Discord channel (the link can be found at the top of this page) or down below.
  • To register please copy and paste the following section into an e-mail and fill in the details as a private message to GGE.Entry #4703 in the Goon Gaming Esports Discord (click here to go to our Discord server)

  • Valorant Goon Cup #1
    Team Registration

    1. Team Name:
    2. Teammate #1's Riot ID:
    3. Teammate #2's Riot ID:
    4. Teammate #3's Riot ID:
    5. Teammate #4's Riot ID:
    6. Teammate #5's Riot ID:

  • You can cancel your registration, but please give us as much notice as possible so we can contact the next team on the signup list.
  • You can also join our public Discord channel to ask questions about the event and contact other participants.


Random games chosen every night! (Maximum 48 player entries)

Do you want to compete in games and win some prizes? Goon Gaming Esports is now starting a new nightly event in which people can join and compete in very fun games against other players, for prizes! We're expecting very exciting times, and a great chance to meet some other gamers or just have fun with your own friends while experiencing the thrill of competition. If this event grows in popularity, so will the prizes!

  • Register an entire team, register with friends or register alone but most be at least 4 people to play!
  • Minimum of a basic membership to register. See the membership page for details.
  • Registration is first come first serve.
  • Certificate for 5 free hours of play-time at Goon Gaming Esports